Comfort Solutions

Comfort Solutions

At Woodland Family Dental PC, our first priority is the health of our patients, and we want your health to be your first priority too. Many patients do not get the work done that they need to be healthy because of fear of pain or discomfort. This is why we offer solutions to ease your concerns. If our patients are comfortable, they will get the procedures they need to have a healthy mouth. 

A modern practice, with the latest in tools and technology, we take your needs into consideration. Whether you are having a root canal, an implant placed, a tooth extracted, or even a cavity filled, we have the appropriate amount of pain relieving medication available for you.


Most often known by its nickname of laughing gas, nitrous oxide is known for being safe and effective as a sedative during dental procedures. We use this sedative agent, which is mixed with oxygen, by placing a mask over the patient’s nose, allowing them to inhale it, giving the patient a calm effect. It does not actually induce laughing as its nickname suggests, but instead gives a calm and happy effect, some describe it as euphoric feeling, to the patient reducing their anxiety and increasing their comfort during dental procedures.

Patients like nitrous oxide because it does not put them to sleep, and once we remove the mask the effects of the sedation dissolve quickly. Patients do not leave the chair feeling drowsy or out of control, meaning they can drive and resume regular activities within a short time of having work done. Patients like nitrous oxide because:

It allows them to relax while still being conscious.
No needles are required for administration.
The effects wear off quickly.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is a sedative that is given orally, generally in pill form, though liquid is also available. Considered a conscious sedation, oral sedation helps a patient reduce their anxiety level and helps them relax during a dental procedure. Some patients may find that they do fall asleep with an oral sedative, but they are not being put medically under as you would with larger surgical procedures. 

Patients like this form of relaxation because it allows Dr. David Welton or Dr. Sunnshine Welton to get more work done in an appointment than they would be able to get done without it. In most situations, we will want the patient to come with a driver because the effects of sedation can take a while to complete. Other characteristics that patients love about oral sedation includes:

No needles required for administration
Most patients find that they forget their time in the chair.
Though a patient is in a very relaxed state, they are not being medically forced into sleep.
With the patient relaxed, we can get more work accomplished in a single visit.

Your comfort is important to us. We are happy to work with your concerns and ask that patients make us aware of them, it is better to reach a resolution and have a healthy mouth.
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Sleep Dentistry with General Anesthesia

For our patients with high anxiety, or who may have complex dental treatment that they would like completed in one visit, we offer general anesthesia (full sleep dentistry) at a nearby surgical suite. For more information about oral sedation at Woodland Family Dental PC, please call (208) 777-9599 or contact our office today!