Cosmetic Dentistry

Beautiful smiles make beautiful people!

Beautiful smiles make beautiful people!

Smile and the Whole World Smiles With You

What’s in a smile that makes this saying true? 

At Woodland Family Dental PC, we offer a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures that can make a huge impact on the look of your teeth. Through each of our techniques, Dr. David Welton and Dr. Sunnshine Welton can dramatically change the look of your smile. A common fear among patients is the term cosmetic, but the expanse of the procedures, and the costs involved vary widely and we would love to show you what we can do. In an increasingly professional world, we can help you be the one with a smile that lightens a room.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the look of your teeth, we can do this by making your teeth look cleaner, brighter, straighter, and removing gaps or chips. Most of our procedures take days, not months or years. From simple changes to an entire smile makeover, our patients find that cosmetic dental changes improves their self confidence and the way that they are treated by those around them.

Is cosmetic dentistry right for me?

More and more, we are working in a fast paced, professional world. Our patients at Woodland Family Dental PC want to put their best foot forward. People tend to notice two things about your smile, they notice when you have a great smile, and they notice when you have a horrid smile. Everything else between means your smile does not stand out. Dr. David Welton and Dr. Sunnshine Welton want to give you that smile that is noticed for lighting up a room. There are fast, simple, and cost effective changes that you can make to have that perfect look. 

We hope our customers consider cosmetic dentistry because the options are variable to you, to your timeframe and your finances. You may be surprised at what we can do and the difference we can make that fits well within your comfort zone.


Cosmetic Dentistry

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At Woodland Family Dental, we can replace missing teeth with a strong, permanent option. Many patients already know that they do not like the look of a missing tooth, and they may even be annoyed at the feel of a missing tooth, but the problems can be even so much more. Our dentists, Dr. S. Welton and Dr. D. Welton, can meet with you to evaluate your situation and make suggestions based on your needs.

What is a dental implant?

A single or multiple tooth implant will help restore both aesthetics, function, and health to your mouth. We place a titanium post straight into the jawbone where the tooth is missing. Titanium is biocompatible, meaning that your body will not reject it and has the unique property that allows your living tissue to grow around it, bonding it to your bone, making it part of your bone. The discovery of this ability has led titanium to being used all over the skeletal frame to make surgical repairs, including in hips, knees, shoulders, and more. Once this bonding, known as osseointegration, has occurred, the bond will be strong and stable. 

With the post now securely in place, we can attach the dental crown to the post, giving you a tooth that looks and feels like your natural tooth.

Other ways implants can be used

Increasingly, patients are aware that implants can be used to replace a single tooth, but they can do much more. We also use implants to:

When a patient has a missing tooth, or multiple teeth, and no healthy teeth are available to attach a bridge to, we can place tooth implants. This will serve as stable posts for the placement of a dental bridge.
For patients with loose dentures that are being kept in place with suction or adhesion, we can place four implants in each arch to stabilize their denture appliance permanently. The difference will be amazing. Dentures that are held in place with implants are secure and stable, allowing the wearer to eat as they normally would with their own natural teeth. There is also no removing them at night, you wear them and clean them just as you did with your natural teeth.

Are implants right for me?

In most situations, tooth implants is a very successful dental procedure, the success rate is above 90%, making it the most successful of any other dental restoration. With that, there are some characteristics that we seek in candidates for the placement of dental implants. We are happy to schedule an evaluation with you to discuss your options. There are some preparatory actions that we can take to increase your odds of success. Things that we consider is the health of the bone available, many patients require a very simple in office bone graft procedure in preparing to have their implant placed. Another aspect that we take into consideration is the patient’s ability to heal. Patients who suffer from diabetes and patients who smoke have a decreased ability to heal, this may be a problem with the post setting as it should. Discuss these topics with Dr. S. Welton or Dr. D. Welton when discussing the placement of a tooth implant. 

For more information on teeth implants for single, multiple or even all of your teeth, contact our dentists, Sunnshine M. Welton DDS and David G. Welton DDS, at our Post Falls, ID 83854 office by contacting our front office at: (208) 777-9599

We can give you the smile you want in two dentist appointments. Having dental veneers placed can seem almost magical, you start with teeth that appear to be a mess and in two appointments you can have a perfect look. At Woodland Family Dental PC, our patients love the difference that veneers can make, and so will you. Our team, including Dr. David Welton and Dr. Sunnshine Welton, can answer your questions and show you what a difference veneers can make.

What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain laminate veneers are customized to each patient to improve the look of any of your front teeth. It is a very thin ceramic shell that we bond to the face of your tooth. With your veneers, we can completely change the look of a single or multiple teeth, veneers can change the:

We can change the shape of your tooth. This is ideal for patients who have considered braces, but do not want the time involved in braces, we can give your teeth a straighter look.
From teeth that are too small, to teeth that are too long, we can help your teeth be even with their neighboring teeth for that perfected look.
We can close gaps, most often desired for gaps between your two front teeth.
Chips and Fractures:
If you have chipped or broken one of your front teeth, we can cover the space with a dental veneer.
Whether your teeth are badly stained from coffee, tobacco, medications or discolored due to fluorosis, we can cover that less desired color with a perfect look.

Porcelain Veneers Look Like Your Natural Teeth

Patients love the look of veneers because they are customized in color to blend discreetly in your mouth. No matter the lighting, inside or outside, your porcelain veneers are undetectable, they will be indistinguishable in your mouth from your other neighboring teeth.

The Placement of your Veneers

The placement of your dental ceramic veneers is mostly painless, some patients require a local anesthetic and some do not. We begin the process with discussing your needs and the look you are trying to achieve. With the end results in mind, we select the coloring that best suits your surrounding teeth. Then, Dr. David Welton or Dr. Sunnshine Welton will decrease the size of your original tooth to allow room for the placement of your crown. Because this process requires the removal of some of the original tooth structure, approximately 0.5 mm of tooth, porcelain veneers are not considered a reversible form of treatment. This is typical for the placement of veneers. In most situations, we also find it necessary to etch the surface of the tooth to allow for a strong bond. We will place temporary veneers while your customized permanent ones are being created. 

With your permanent veneers ready, we then bond the veneer to the prepared tooth with a specialized bonding cement. Your ceramic veneers are very strong, and should withstand normal chewing pressure without incident. In most situations, your veneer should last you many years.

Whitening your teeth is one of the fastest and easiest dental cosmetic procedures that you can do to have a large impact on the look of your teeth. We can remove years of wear and tear, helping you look fresher, brighter, and even younger. At Woodland Family Dental PC, we know that you want to look your best, put your best foot forward, and make a great first impression. Whitening your teeth can significantly help your look, and your self confidence. We offer both in office whitening procedures, and prescribed take home whitening kits. By choosing to have your teeth whitened under the direction of Dr. David Welton or Dr. Sunnshine Welton, you can have larger results, done more quickly, and safely, versus attempting to whiten on your own with an over the counter product. The difference is clear.

Over the Counter Whitening Products

We are asked all the time if an over the counter tooth whitening product will actually work. The short answer is yes, the long answer is yes, but, it will take a longer period of time, there is chance of burning your gums, and you may not get the results you are hoping for. This is due to peroxide. Peroxide is the chemical that is used to whiten the enamel of your teeth. Over the counter products have a very limited amount of peroxide, we are able to prescribe a much higher dosage for a take home kit, and an even higher dosage when used in our office under our direction and care. This decreases the length of time needed, and increases the end results.

How did my teeth get so dirty looking?

Dirty or dingy looking teeth comes from normal daily use, even with regular brushing and flossing. Many of the foods and drinks we love can darken and stain our teeth. Tobacco products also darken and stain our teeth as do a large variety of medications. We recommend that our patients consider whitening their teeth, with yearly touch ups to maintain a clean and healthy looking mouth. Some of the most common staining offenders include:

Drinks with tannic acid. This includes coffee, tea and cola products.
All berries can cause staining. The deep color or hue in berries, including raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, and blackberries can cause staining, this is true whether you are eating them, drinking them in juice form, or eating them in jellies and jams. Red wine has also proven to cause teeth staining.
Sauces have been noted to cause teeth staining. This includes soy sauces and tomato based sauces.
Smoking and chewing tobacco has been noted to cause yellowing and staining of your teeth.
A long list of medications, most notably the antibiotics called tetracycline and doxycycline can cause teeth staining.

In Office Teeth Whitening

We can whiten your teeth with significant results in our office in about one hour. Under the direction and control of Dr. David Welton, we can use a powerful dosage of peroxide, using caution to not burn the soft gum tissue, getting you instant results. Our patients love the ease and speed of this whitening service.

At Home Whitening

For patients who want more control over their whitening process, we can prescribe a customized whitening kit to do at home. Patients can take more time with their results, getting the look they want.

Straighten your teeth discreetly, without metal braces. Whether you have never had orthodontics, or you have had braces but are still unhappy with your look, we can customize clear plastic aligners to straighten your teeth without anyone else being aware. At Woodland Family Dental PC, we understand that not all of our patients seek that awkward teenage look. We can help you get the look you want.

By scheduling an evaluation, we can help determine if clear aligners are right for you. With this system, we can assist patients with a broad range of teeth placement issues including: mild crooked teeth issues, patients who have protruding teeth and gaps between their teeth. Following your evaluation, we will better be able to determine if we can help with a malocclusion, an overbite, or an underbite. At your appointment, Dr. David Welton or Dr. Sunnshine Welton can help determine if clear aligners are right for your situation.

What are Clear Braces?

Clear aligners are a modern take on metal braces. No brackets, no wires, and far fewer dental appointments. This process is done by creating multiple molds that are customized to you. Dr. David Welton or Dr. Sunnshine Welton will begin with a thorough dental exam, including 3D x-rays and inquiring with you your desired result. Together, you will discuss and review the projected end result which can be viewed on a screen. With a treatment plan decided on, we will order your custom aligners through a dental lab for fabrication. Patients love this system because the aligners are clear and they are not required to come in for tightenings, as you are with metal braces, so there are very few required office visits. 

The aligners are made of a smooth, BPA-free plastic that will feel comfortable, and won’t irritate your soft tissues including cheeks and gums like traditional metal braces are known to do. We will check your aligners for proper fit and then schedule appointments as needed.

With your new aligners, you begin treatment with your teeth in their current placement, and then after a couple of weeks the patient changes to the next aligner in the series which will have a small difference, forcing your teeth to very slowly shift. The last aligner in the series will be the final placement that you saw when creating your dental plan.

Aligner Benefits

Our adult patients love this discreet teeth straightening system. The benefits include:

No wires and no brackets, meaning no food stuck in wires or brackets, and no brackets cutting up the soft tissue of your mouth.
Because we do not need to tighten wires, there is less time in the dental chair.
We ask that patients wear their aligners for at least 22 hours a day, but, the aligners are removable for those occasional special events.
Since you remove your aligners when you eat, you do not have to adjust your diet, or stop eating the sticky or crunchy foods you love.
Brackets and braces make it hard to brush and floss. With aligners, you simply remove them to brush the teeth underneath and then brush the aligner.
With clear aligners, the dental work being done is discreet, no one needs to know you have it.

Our dentists, Dr. S. Welton and Dr. D. Welton, can make simple repairs to your teeth with composite dental bonding. At Woodland Family Dental, we can make small repairs including chips, cracks, discoloration and even gaps by applying and shaping composite material. This restorative procedure is fast, easy, painless and economical.

What is bonding?

To make these simple repairs we use the tooth colored composite filling material that you have seen us use to fill cavities. In the past, composite filling was not known for its strength and durability, but that is no longer true. The material we use today is significantly stronger, and more durable, we even use it to repair molars. 

Composite is a blend of quartz and resin that together makes a superior hold. We are able to shade this material to match your neighboring teeth. Unlike amalgam, or silver fillings, we do not need to remove any portion of the tooth to make it stick. Composite will bond right to the surface of your tooth. We can sculpt the putty like material into the desired shape and then polish and smooth it to perfection. 

Our patients love this simple restorative procedure because it:

We can cover front teeth that have been chipped or cracked.
We can fill in gaps, especially between your two front teeth, without the use of braces.
We can cover up teeth that have been discolored or are stained.
We can make teeth appear more proportional with bonding by lengthening.
We can protect a tooth’s root that has been exposed from gum disease or receding gums.

How does bonding work?

Dr. S. Welton or Dr. D. Welton begin the process by preparing the tooth. Preparing for bonding is generally not thought of as being painful, most patients do not require any sort of anesthetic. One of our dentists will lightly etch the surface of the tooth to rough it up a bit, they will then apply a conditioning bonding liquid which will help the material bond firmly. Once the liquid sets, we will then apply a plastic resin that can be sculpted into the desired shape by our dentist. After the material has set, we can then trim, smooth and polish the material to a beautiful, natural appearance.


Dental bonding is an excellent repair, and significantly less cost that other restorations. Patients also love that bonding can often be completed in a single office visit. However, composite material is not as strong as your natural tooth enamel, it is prone to staining, chipping or breaking easier than your natural teeth. Though bonding is very durable, it typically lasts three to five years before need of repair. Other options such as crowns and veneers are frequently more durable.

For more information on dental bonding and placing composite material to repair damaged teeth, contact our dentists, Sunnshine M. Welton DDS and David G. Welton DDS, at our Post Falls, ID 83854 office by contacting our front office at: (208) 777-9599

Root canal therapy may be the least desired dental procedure, but it eliminates infection and allows a patient to save a tooth that would otherwise be lost. Our team at Woodland Family Dental, including Dr. S. Welton and Dr. D. Welton, want to remove the pain that infected pulp causes and restore your tooth back to functional health. Root canal therapy can do just that. This procedure is one of the most common dental procedures performed, just after cavity fillings. There are over 14 million root canal procedures performed every year. Though the procedure may bring a shudder, this simple treatment can save your natural tooth and prevent the need for larger procedures including the need for dental implants or bridges.

Root canal procedure

Severe tooth pain may be an indication of infected pulp. Your tooth is comprised of layer, the hard outer layer that you can see is your enamel. The most common dental disorder is decay to the enamel. This is easily removed and filled with filling material. When bacteria has gone below the enamel and hit the dentin, this is when the patient experiences pain. If this pain is ignored, then the bacteria has the time to reach the pulp. Infected pulp is very painful. We need to remove the infection; it can not heal on its own.

To remove the infected pulp, Dr. S. Welton or Dr. D. Welton will first gain access to the pulp going through the tooth. They will clear out the canal of the root, removing the pulp and the source of the infection along with it. The area will be cleansed. They will then fill the canal with a medicated rubber material. The pulp of your tooth was needed while your tooth was growing, but it is no longer needed once the tooth is fully grown. With the root now cleansed and filled, our dentist will then close up the tooth with filling material and place a customized crown over the tooth to provide additional strength.

How did the root of my tooth become infected?

There are many ways a root canal can become infected. This may be from:

A deep cavity of decay that was allowed to extend deep into the tooth.
A crack or fracture in the tooth allowed for passage of bacteria.
A tooth has had multiple surgical procedures done in the past.
The tooth has been jarred or had an impact injury.

Are root canals painful?

Root canal therapy is often misunderstood as being painful but it is the opposite, as we are releasing the pain that was already there. The pain associated with root canals comes from bacteria infecting the pulp which contains nerves, we remove the infection and the nerves that are present inside the tooth, releasing the pain. The procedure itself should not be painful, we offer our patients plenty of anesthetic to help with that! 

For more information on root canal therapy and how we can restore your tooth that has been infected, contact our dentists, Sunnshine M. Welton DDS and David G. Welton DDS, at our Post Falls, ID 83854 office by contacting our front office at: (208) 777-9599